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March 24, 2009

How to design a maori shoulder tattoo: Step three

Written by Mark Storm

The ferns and maori shapes like curles are ready now.
Then I start sketching and filling the empty spaces in the design.
I like to use triangles, squares and repeating shapes, so the tattoo will have some rythm and flow to it.

To make the tattoo design fit around the upper arm, I have to make sure the two sides of the drawing line up exactly and make a seamless fit.

This can be done like this: First design one side of your shoulder tattoo. Just make the tribal shapes and lines you wish.
Then scan this and print it to a sheet of paper.
Cut the shape and put the printed paper on the other side of the design, aligning with the other border.

Tomorrow I will illustrate this drawing technique with an example image.

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Questions? Just let me know!

Kind regards, Mark Storm

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