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December 26, 2015

Tribal Polynesian turtle tattoo

Written by M. Storm

I designed this Polynesian turtle tattoo last week (high resolution available here: tribal turtle tattoo) from a sketch I did a few months ago. The turtle tattoo has a lot of meaning and symbolism, ranging from "immortality, fertility, stability, strength and security.  First I started drawing a basic outline of the turtle and trued to incorporate some Maori / Polynesian koru shapes like it is surrounded by water.

How to draw a turtle tattoo
Outline of the turtle design
Drawing tribal tattoo turtle design
Maori turtle tattoo meaning
a bit of adjustments to the sketch
Tattoo sketch of a Polynesian turtle design

Then I started on the tribal patterns inside the turtle body, with some rows of spearheads and otherrepetitive shapes and elements

Once the pencil drawing was completed, I used 3 different markers to trace the outlines of the tattoodesign. First a thick Edding Marker with a 3mm tip, then a Copic Multiliner 1mm, and finally a Pigma Micron 04 for the finer details in the design.

Drawing a turtle tattoo design
Using a Copic multiliner 1mm
high quality turtle tattoo in tribal maori style
all lines traced with marker and fineliner

When all the black lines and shapes were traced, I got to the favorite part of designing tribal tattoos, shading and layering with my set of Classic Copic Markers in 9 different greytones.

Tribal Polynesian turtle tattoo designTurtle tattoo Polynesian tribal style
Started adding shading with Copic markers in greytones
I use the N5 marker to draw the thick shading and the other tones to add more depth.
Below you see a photo of the first stages of the shading proces:

Once the shading was done, the final high quality design looks like this. The turtle has a nice row of spearheads flowing from the body into the full tattoo.

photo of high resolution turtle tattoos

high resolution tribal turtle tattoos

tattoo designs with turtle download images

When I complete the design, I make a set of digital mockups for my customers, so you can see how the tattoo looks on different bodyparts.

It's a rough preview, so it's not 100% perfect, but it gives you an idea.

Here are 5 different examples:

shoulder tattoo with turtle design
halfsleeve tattoo with turtle

inner forearm tattoo with turtles
inner forearm tattoo

forearm tattoo sleeve with turtle in tribal tattoos
forearm tattoo sleeve with turtle in tribal designs

calf tattoo with tribal turtle image

turtle thigh tattoo design pictures
thigh tattoo with koru turtle

stomach tattoo and upperback turtle design
stomach tattoo and upperback turtle design

And finally I decided to create a nice Youtube video of the steps from start to finished design:

Have a great day!

If you wish to order the high resolution design of this tattoo, please visit my website:

Cheers :Mark

December 24, 2015

Polynesian koifish tattoodesign by Storm3d

Written by M. Storm

I started on a new design last week, a tribal koifish tattoo mixed with Polynesian/Maoristyle koru shapes.

Here are some pictures to show you the design process. The first photo shows the sketch I did with a pen, just a rough design to see how I could make the koifish and koru patterns flow together:

koifish sketch with maori koru shapes

Below you see the original pencil sketch I designed. The koru shapes are nicely flowing with the koi fish and other surrounding tribal patterns.

Maori koifish design pencil drawing

Once I finished the pencil drawing of the japanese koifish, the design was traced with black markers.

I recorded the full proces of tracing, shading and coloring and made a Youtube video, so you can see how it was done:

Finally I did some digital mockups, so you can see how the tattoo looks on different bodyparts:

tribal koifish tattoo on forearm digital mockupchestpiece with koifish design and koru maori

tribal calf tattoo with koifish spearheads and koru shapes

inner forearm tattoo with yellow koi fish

polynesian koifish tattoo halfsleeve design

You can order the high resolution design on my website:

Cheers Mark

November 30, 2012

Iphone 5 case with Maori tattoo style design

Written by M. Storm


I've done a few other projects lately and wanted to show you some.

While looking for a case for my Iphone 4s I stumbled on a Dutch company that prints Iphone cases in 3d.
They had used one of my Maori tattoo designs for one of their mobile phone cases, so I asked if we could work together on a few more Apple and maybe even Samsung cases.
 A week later I created 4 designs in Maori style, just like the tattoos I normally do.
Here's the first model I came up with:

Once the final design was approved, I sent the high resolution file to so they could transform the 2d sketch into a 3d model that would fit on an Iphone:

These cases are printed  with a 3d printer in 4 different colors, white, black, red and purple.
Here's the final Iphone model in Maori inspired tattoo style and a video on how it was done:

Iphone cover with Maori tattoo design 

So if you have an Iphone 4, 4s or 5, you can order this case right now, please visit the Polychemy website:

Any questions on these covers, don't hesitate and send me a message!

You can visit my Facebook page for more tattoo designs and other tribal projects:

Kind regards, Mark Storm


I get a lot of requests on designing a armband tattoos inspired by the Cesc Fabregas tattoo (which I did a while ago), so I decided to create a few nice Polynesian armbands with a mix of Maori style.

In my previous post you can see my first armband/elbow design, which is the first of a series of 3 or 4 tattoos.

Here's the second tatoo sketch:

Polynesian armband design inspired by the Fabregas elbow tattoo

In the centre of the design you see one half of a tribal mask, with some koru Maori curles. I really like to mix different tribal elements and patterns into one aesthetic tattoo.
My designs don't have specific meanings or stories, it's only a graphic representation, inspired by the beautiful Maori, Samoan and Polynesian shapes.

Once I finished my pencil sketch, I trace it with a black felt-tip marker and a Pilot fineliner. 
Below you can see a picture of the traced drawing:

Traced the Polynesian armband tattoo with black marker

After it is scanned in high quality (300 dpi), I optimize it in Photoshop and create a linedrawing so your tattoo artist can use it to transfer the tatoos onto your shoulder/arm.

The design is seamless, which means that it totally surrounds your arm and has no beginning or ending. 
To make this visible for you, I created a cylindrical model in Google Sketchup:

Because not all arms are perfectly round, your tattoo artist might need to tweak/adjust the design for you, so it makes a perfect fit.

If you wish to order the high resolution design, simply hit the "Buy now" button.
After payment, I'll send you the high resolution design + a linedrawing for your tattoo artist.

Title: Tribal tattoo 201
Size: 30 x 12,5 cm (11,5 x 4,5 inches) 
(can be scaled to fit your arm)

Price: 35,70 euro (48 USD)

Any questions or comments? Just let me know!

Kind regards, Mark Storm


I get a lot of requests on the Cesc Fabregas tattoo I created a while ago, so I decided to create a few new pieces that are inspired by his elbow design.

The armband tattoos have different circumferences and can also be used as legbands.

Here's the first sketch of the first armband tattoo that has a lot of Polynesian elements and Maori koru patterns:

pencil sketch Polynesian armband design
First I sketched the koru curles with a basic b2 pencil and added some rows of Polynesian symbols that you see in the foreground.
There's a tribal polynesian mask in the centre of the piece and also at the sides two half faces are drawn. Once it's totally around the arm, these sides will make one full tribal mask.

The lines of the different shapes were traced, this time with a fineliner, so I could make it really detailed and rich. After erasing the pencil and filling the outlines with a black marker the design looks like this:

traced Polynesian band tattoo 

After scanning the drawing, I digitally edited the image and optimized the design.
It's a seamless tattoo, this means that there is no end or beginning of the tattoo, it totally surrounds your arm or leg.
To make this clear to my customers I decided to make a video in Google Sketchup:

The original high resolution design is available for purchase right here. 

If you wish to order it, simply hit the "buy now" button and you can pay with Paypal or creditcard.
Once I receive your payment, I'll send you the high resolution tattoo and stencil in .jpg files by e-mail.

Item: Tribal tattoo 200
Size: 35 x 10 cm (13,5 x 4 inches)
Price: 35,70 euro (48 USD)

Note: Your tattoo artist might need to adjust the design a little to make it fit your arm perfectly, because all arms have different sizes and tapering.

Tomorrow I'll upload another armband / legband design in the same Polynesian style as this tattoo.

Any questions? Just let me know.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

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