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December 24, 2015

Polynesian koifish tattoodesign by Storm3d

Written by M. Storm

I started on a new design last week, a tribal koifish tattoo mixed with Polynesian/Maoristyle koru shapes.

Here are some pictures to show you the design process. The first photo shows the sketch I did with a pen, just a rough design to see how I could make the koifish and koru patterns flow together:

koifish sketch with maori koru shapes

Below you see the original pencil sketch I designed. The koru shapes are nicely flowing with the koi fish and other surrounding tribal patterns.

Maori koifish design pencil drawing

Once I finished the pencil drawing of the japanese koifish, the design was traced with black markers.

I recorded the full proces of tracing, shading and coloring and made a Youtube video, so you can see how it was done:

Finally I did some digital mockups, so you can see how the tattoo looks on different bodyparts:

tribal koifish tattoo on forearm digital mockupchestpiece with koifish design and koru maori

tribal calf tattoo with koifish spearheads and koru shapes

inner forearm tattoo with yellow koi fish

polynesian koifish tattoo halfsleeve design

You can order the high resolution design on my website:

Cheers Mark

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