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I get a lot of requests on the Cesc Fabregas tattoo I created a while ago, so I decided to create a few new pieces that are inspired by his elbow design.

The armband tattoos have different circumferences and can also be used as legbands.

Here's the first sketch of the first armband tattoo that has a lot of Polynesian elements and Maori koru patterns:

pencil sketch Polynesian armband design
First I sketched the koru curles with a basic b2 pencil and added some rows of Polynesian symbols that you see in the foreground.
There's a tribal polynesian mask in the centre of the piece and also at the sides two half faces are drawn. Once it's totally around the arm, these sides will make one full tribal mask.

The lines of the different shapes were traced, this time with a fineliner, so I could make it really detailed and rich. After erasing the pencil and filling the outlines with a black marker the design looks like this:

traced Polynesian band tattoo 

After scanning the drawing, I digitally edited the image and optimized the design.
It's a seamless tattoo, this means that there is no end or beginning of the tattoo, it totally surrounds your arm or leg.
To make this clear to my customers I decided to make a video in Google Sketchup:

The original high resolution design is available for purchase right here. 

If you wish to order it, simply hit the "buy now" button and you can pay with Paypal or creditcard.
Once I receive your payment, I'll send you the high resolution tattoo and stencil in .jpg files by e-mail.

Item: Tribal tattoo 200
Size: 35 x 10 cm (13,5 x 4 inches)
Price: 35,70 euro (48 USD)

Note: Your tattoo artist might need to adjust the design a little to make it fit your arm perfectly, because all arms have different sizes and tapering.

Tomorrow I'll upload another armband / legband design in the same Polynesian style as this tattoo.

Any questions? Just let me know.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

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