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June 30, 2009

Forearm tatoo design seamless fit

Written by Mark Storm

Hi There,

This week I have been working on a large project, a maori / kirituhi forearm design.
Like other sleeves, this tattoo design had to be wrapped around the forearm completely and make a seamless fit.

Here you'll see a few pictures of the design in different stages:

drawing tutorial tattoo imagesmaori tattoo for the forearmforearm maori kirituhi style tattoo

final forearm seamless mauri designThe size of the design is 27 cm high and the width at the elbow is 30 cm and at the wrist it's 18 cm.

To make sure the design fit's seamless I first draw one side of the design and copy it. Then I place it against the other side and continue the design. I always try to keep the lines flowing and the fills interesting.

The customer liked the tattoo immediately, so I only had to make some minor changes to this drawing. Here are a few pictures of the process of tracing the design:

how to draw a maori tattoo designdrawing maori design with pencil

Tomorrow I will be working on an armband in maori / kirituhi design. Really enjoying this kind of projects, where I can use my own style and mix it with Maori shapes and symbols.

Regards, Mark

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