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September 1, 2009

Maori-inspired and flowers shoulder tattoo designs

Written by Mark Storm


The first few months of my blog, it had around 100 to 200 unique visitors a day.
But in the last few weeks it's slowly raised to 450 people each day, so I will keep on posting and show you the tattoo projects I'm working on.

For a new customer I designed a Maori shoulder piece with some flowers scattered on the design.
The design is based on a custom tattoo I did earlier.

It's symmetrical in the lower part of the tatoo and the shoulder part is roundish with a nice curl or koru.

maori shoulder tattoo with cherry blossom flowersMaori tatou sketch with blossom flowers

Once the design is traced and uptimized I export it in high resolution and make a linedrawing, so the customer can take this to his tattoo artist and apply it on his skin.

Comments please! :)

Regards, Mark

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