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December 14, 2009

maori inspired ribcage tattoo sketch

Written by Mark Storm


After some busy weeks, doing multiple custom tattoo designs, I would like to show you some sketches of my latest works.
I created a Kirituhi design for the side of the body, on the ribcage.
My client asked me to combine some maori inspired style elements, with the initials of his nephews.

I'm not really fond of doing tattoos with lettering, but this one wasn't that hard.

Here are a few photographs of the design in progress.
In the first images the balance was too much focussed on the upper part of the tattoo design, so I redesigned it.

maori kirituhi ribcage tattoo stomach imagesribcage tattoos maori style design tribalhigh resolution ribcage tattoos tribal style

Finally here's a photo of the finished tattoo on the side of the body:

ribcage tattoo photo design side of the stomach

In a few days I will post another tattoo design, this time it's a forearm design in Kirituhi style.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

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