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January 25, 2010

Tribal tattoo art on canvas

Written by Mark Storm


I have been working on new tattoo designs, but also created a set of tattoo art on canvas.
It's a really nice to do something new with my tattoo designs.

The canvas pieces are for sale in a limited edition.
Each artwork is only sold 10 times, numbered and signed by me.

Here are the first two canvas artworks with some of my new tattoo designs:

Title: "Purple canvas"

maori tattoo art on canvas prints paintings


Title: "Pink canvas"

tattoo artist canvas prints flash design


The designs are available in 3 sizes:
Small 40 x 40 cm (16 x 16 inches)
Medium 50 x 50 cm (19 x 19 inches)
Large 60 x 60 cm (23 x 23 inches)

Prices for these designs:

Small € 150 (215 US dollars)
Medium € 175 (250 US dollars)
Large € 200 (285 US dollars)

The thickness of the canvas piece is 3 cm and the edges wrap around the sides, stitched at the back.

Prices are incl. Shipping/transfer costs
It takes approx. 2-3 weeks to receive the canvas print, depending on your location.

If you are interested in one of the artworks, please contact me here

Ps. The designs on the canvas prints are also available for a real tattoo.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

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