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August 6, 2010

Tribal tattoo wrapping around the forearm

Written by Mark Storm


As promised, here's another design projects I have been working on in the weeks behind.
Forearm and leg tattoos (especially symmetrical designs) are my favourite pieces to draw. I really like the idea of a flowing design that is not too complicated, that gives a nice clean look. That is also why I use symmetry a lot.
This design is for a customer from the UK, he wanted a complete forearm tattoo, wrapping around and having a seamless fit.

You can see the tatoo sketches below:

I started with the flowing koru curles and added a line of spear- or arrowheads in the centerline of the tattoo. Then I made some fills with lines and triangles and the 6 small curls bending towards the arrowheads. Finally I added a few stars.

My customer liked some oldskool sharp tribal shapes, so in the second sketch you can see that I added it to the design:

forearm tribal tattoo design in maori style sketchpencil sketch of a tribal forearm tattoo

I get quite a large amount of requests for custom tattoos, so I have to pick and choose the design projects I like best. If you are interested in this kind of designs, for the forearm or lower leg, you can contact me by here.

Till soon!

Oohps, almost forgot to show you the final result :)

high quality tattoo design for the forearm

Regards, Mark

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