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November 15, 2010

Armband tribal tattoo with star

Written by Mark Storm


I have been working on an armband tattoo for a Dutch customer. He wanted a mixed tribal style with some nice sharp edges.
The design had to be seamless and incorporate an existing star on the inside of his wrist.
I'm not really keen on working around existing tattoos, but for this time it was not very much of a problem.

The size had to be 7 cm wide and a full wrap around the wrist with a seamless fit.

Here you van see how I started on the design:

tattoos sketches pencil drawings

The outer sides that are in blue show how the design will make a seamless fit:

tribal armband tattoo sketch designs koru

I had to adjust some koru shapes, because it looked a little bit too much like a love symbol.
This is the final sketch and the high resolution design:

triangle armband tattoos designs flash imageshigh quality flash for sale maori kirituhi style

I'll be back soon with another project, probably a lower leg project.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

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