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January 8, 2011

Polynesian eye tattoo with coconut leaves

Written by Mark Storm


I've been working on a new custom design project in the first week of January.
My client wanted a quarter sleeve tattoo, covering the shoulder and half the upper arm, in a Polynesian style.
I had to incorporate some different tribal elements, like the Polynesian eye, coconut leaves and sharp triangles, as a symbol for shark teeth. He also wanted a turtle shell shape added to the tatoo

In the first sketch you can see that I started in the center with the Eye, surrounded by triangular shapes, which looks a little like a sun.
Then I drew some coconut leaves below it and made it flow with the circle above it.

polynesian turtle eye coconut leaves tattoococonut leaves tattoo polynesian shoulder design

In the final sketch I made a symmetrical polynesian mask in the lower center and a repetitive border ath both sides.

After tracing it, scanning and optimizing it in Photoshop, the high resolution tattoo looks like this:

high resolution polynesian tattoos maskHope to update you soon with a few new projects, so if you want to follow me, simply hit the Twitter button on the right!

Kind regards, Mark Storm

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