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February 2, 2012

Shoulder tattoo design in Maori style

Written by M. Storm


Recently I created two new tattoo designs for my webshop. The first tattoo is a Kirituhi Maori style shoulder design. All my tattoos are hand-drawn on A3 paper with a B2 pencil. First I sketch the basic shape of the shoulder and upper arm and then add some koru (fern) curves that flow nicely through the design. Once I'm satisfied with the overall look, I start filling in the patterns between the korus with triangles, lines, spearheads and other repetitive shapes. Below are a few pictures of the tattoo design in progress

For my Youtube channel I created a special video, so you can see the total design from start to finish:

The final high resolution is available on my website, but can also be purchased here on my blog. Once I receive your payment, you will get 2 high quality .jpg files. The first one is the full design including gradients, the second is the linedrawing or stencil for your tattoo artist, so he can easily transfer the outlines of the design to your skin with thermal paper.

Shoulder tattoo 150
Size: 30 x 30 cm (12 x 12 inches)
Price: 41,65 euro (57 USD)

If you have a question regarding this tattoo or other designs, just let me know or visit for all high resolution tattoos.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

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