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June 4, 2009

Tattoo design in Polynesian / Mixed tribal style

Written by Mark Storm


As a graphic designer I get a lot of requests for custom designs.
The average sketch takes me around a week to finish, so I can only do 4 custom tatoos each month. To make sure I only focus on my own style and designs, I decided to stop doing cover-ups and extensions existing tattoos. It just takes too much time and the result doesn't really satisfy me, as a complete new and fresh design does.

Enough on this point, now the new tattoo stuff...

Here's the latest custom tattoo design. It's a combination of Polynesian, Maori and other tribal styles and it is for the shoulder and upperarm.

At the moment I'm working on another custom maori style piece, a shoulder design which is a combination of Shoulder tattoo 140 and 142 from my website.
Check them out on

Will be back soon to show you some new designs.

Kind regards, Mark

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