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August 1, 2009

Half sleeve Maori tattoo

Written by Mark Storm


This summertime is a really busy time of the year for me. Lots of custom tattoo designs and sketches and also going on a holiday with my family.

At the moment I'm designing a large shoulder tattoo for a Dutch customer. It's in a Maori / Kirituhi tattoo style.

The first sketch was a bit off, It didn't exactly match the expectations of the customer.
Here's a small sketch of it:

custom maori tattoo designsIf you are interested in this sketch, just let me know and maybe I can finish it for you, so it's a unique piece.

The second sketch was almost exactly what it should be according to my client, so I only had to make minor changes to the tatoo design.

Below you see two photos of the design in progress and a few snapshots of me having traced half the design with a black marker.

tatoo maori custom designsmauri tattoo custom sleeve pictures

photos maori tattoo design images

tattoo photo design pictures

Finally you can see the finished flash design.

high resolution tat dezigns

Any comments? Just let me know.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

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