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August 7, 2009

Maori armband tattoo drawing

Written by Mark Storm

Hi there,

I few weeks ago I mentioned a Maori / Kirituhi armband tattoo, but forgot to show you the finished result.

maori armband tattoo design

At the moment I'm working on medium size shoulder tattoo piece, which I had to adjust a few times before it was ready to be finalized.

I really like to use the white fern shapes and curles. The "negative space" is formed by the maori fills and triangles. In this design my customer wanted a simple fill with lines and some arrowheads on the lower side of the tattoo. First I used a complete row of overlapping arrows or spearheads, but that was a bit too much. In the final drawing you will see that I only used half this row, to give it a bit more spirit.

Here are the first three pencil sketches of this design:

shoulder tattoo arrows and spearheads sketcharrowhead tatoo design maorispearhead tattoo sketch tattoos

I will show you the finished result tomorrow, so please check back for more tattoo sketches, designs and other tat2 pictures in maori or tribal style on or this blog.

In the week ahead I'm working on a tattoo design, based on the shoulder tattoo design of Sonny Bill Williams, the rugby player. The customer wants a similar design, so I have to use pictures of Sonny Williams as a reference, and will not copy the actual design of course.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

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