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January 12, 2010

high resolution polynesian tribal tattoo designs

Written by Mark Storm

Hi There,

I finished a few designs that I showed you last week. The first one is the polynesian mask design. A symmetrical piece with a nice face and lizard in the design. Here's the high resolution image:

lizard polynesian tattoos tribal masks images

The second design is a really large shoulder and chest tattoo, it has many styles in it, some Kirituhi, polynesian and some "storm3d" fantasy.
I took me quite some work to get this one uptimized. It was originally drawn on 2 pieces of A3 size paper (200g/m2).
I scan it on an A4 scanner, so I had to glue 4 pieces together into one and line it up perfectly.

Here's the high res design:

shoulder and chest tribal maori images designer

Kind regards, Mark Storm

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