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January 9, 2010

New tribal tattoo designs

Written by Mark Storm


I haven't posted my sketches for some time, because of some health issues.
But I wanted to show you some nice tattoo designs in polynesian style and mixed tribal style.

The first design is a symmetrical tattoo piece for the upper shoulder. A polynesian mask image. I'm still working on the sketch, but here's a picture of the design till now.

polynesian mask tattoo designs symmetrical lizard images

The second one is quite a large design for the chest and upperarm. It almost completely wraps around the upper arm and shoulder. Then it runs to the chest and it also covers a small area on the back.
A few weeks ago I received a phone call from an Israelien tattoo shop, with the question if I could design a large piece in this mixed tribal style.
Here's a photo of the sketch. I kept part of the tattoo in symmetry, because otherwise it would loose its balance and get really messy.

chest and shoulder tattoo designs tribal maori style samoan sketches

When these tattoo images are finished, I'll post the high resolution images and show you what I will be working on in the upcoming weeks.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

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