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November 1, 2010

Tattoo Chatham Island in Maori style

Written by Mark Storm


At the moment I'm working on a special tattoo. A girl from the Chatham Islands (a small island on the eastside of New Zealand) wanted a tattoo in the shape of her island, but then in an abstract maori inspired style.
This is google map of the place:

maori tattoo designer new zealand

First I made a few quick images to see if she liked the idea of a tattoo pattern masked by the shape of the island:
maori pattern island shape chathamisland maori tatoo designchatham island tattoo design

Unfortunately this was not exactly what she was looking for.
The tattoo had to be loosely based on the shape of the island, with a maori pattern to it.
The size had to be something like 10 x 12 cm, so quite small.
I made a new pencil sketch and sent it to my client:

I just sent it today, so hopefully I can get back to you tomorrow with a final design.

Best wishes, Mark Storm

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