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August 17, 2009

Custom Maori and tribal tattoo designs by

Written by Mark Storm


I wanted to make a small gallery for you, so you can see the designs I have been working on for the last few months.
All tattoo designs are handdrawn by me, graphic tattoo designer Mark Storm.
Please note that all these images are unique and specially created for their owners and may not be copied or used by other people.
Simply click the tattoo and see how the design progressed.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

chest maori fern tattoosfinal cover up tattoo designforearm mauri design tatoosshoulder tatou mauri

forearm design with flowers in kirituhi tattoo style
high resolution tattoo designs

shoulder sketch tattoo mauri
high res tatoo maori design for the shoulder

polynesian tribal sleeve design shouldersleeve tribal tat2 images
Dwayne Johnson the rock shoulder tattoo design

surf style tattoo design

Robbie Williams tattoo design maorishoulder maori face tattoostribal tattoo mixed shoulder designmaori armband tattoo drawings

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